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Welcome to the Autumn term


Dear Parent/Carer

May we take this opportunity to extend a warm ‘hello’ or ‘welcome back’ to Wells Park Primary School. We have made an excellent start to the new school year, happily settling in our returning pupils, as well as those pupils and their families that are embarking on their first term at WPS. It is certainly a fresh and exciting new beginning for everyone, which is always very heartening.

Our teachers have spent some very useful time together planning exciting topics to get the children working as a team and to foster new enthusiasm about their learning. This work began with the first topic of the year - ‘Belonging’. So our first week back was filled with pupils and staff welcoming one another and catching up after a refreshing summer break.

This term is all about re-establishing our core values of Love, Joy, Hope and Belonging, and what these values look like in and around our school. We are teaching the children the importance of relationships and how safe, secure and trusting relationships can support happier, healthier and successful outcomes.

As you will appreciate your child’s regular attendance at school provides the necessary access to both our academic and social curriculum. It is only with the best possible attendance that we can expect to achieve the best possible outcomes, so in line with government guidelines holidays during term time are never authorised.

We are looking forward to working hard with you to enjoy another successful year at Wells Park School.

 If you require any more information, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.


 Matthew Surman (Headteacher)  and Carol Mitchell (Strategic Director)


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