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As one of the oldest houses we, on Rowan, are encouraged to push ourselves and try new things, as well as setting a good example for the younger boys.  There are higher expectations of our behaviours but because we listen to the adults and do the right thing we earn privileges and do activities that are challenging and adventurous. Sharing toys, playing games independently and helping others is a big part of what makes Rowan house what it is.

We also like to relax, too! We love music, playing guitars, playing board games such as Chess and Backgammon, having discos and even making our own music videos.  We also like to try a variety of foods we might not have had before and sometimes go to local restaurants to eat Indian, Chinese, or Mexican food.  In the evenings we settle down to watch episodes of Star Wars (last year it was Transformer Prime!) but also like to learn about science and the universe, as well as the history of the world, by watching programmes and reading books together.

We strive to make Rowan house a warm and happy place to live by working hard on maintaining our friendships, co-operating with our housemates and valuing teamwork.  This all helps us to be ready for going to our next school when we move on to our next stage in life

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