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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can I (a parent, carer or relative) visit my child during the week at Wells Park?

    We encourage family members to come visit their child at school or in the residential programme to experience what life is like for them while at Wells Park. You would be welcome to join your child for a lunch time or evening meal, or even take them out for a meal off site. If you are interested in planning a visit, please contact our Family Officer, Jenny Walling. We do ask that visits take place after the first half term your child is here, as this first 6 weeks is a key settling in time for your child.

  • Can my child bring their own toys, teddies, books etc. with them?

    Teddies or special stuffed animals, blankets and books are OK for your child to bring to their residential House. However, please refrain from sending their own personal toys as the Houses all come equipped with their own selection of toys for the children to play with during evening activities. If there is a special toy that your child enjoys playing with at home a request can be made to your child’s key worker and we can try and get a similar toy for them on their House.

  • Do I need to send money with my child?

    No. We don’t ever ask children to bring money to school or to the Houses. Everything your child needs is provided. Children can ask their key worker if they need anything and arrangements can be made. On occasion the school will take children out on school trips and may request payment and permission, but in this instance a letter will be sent home separately.

  • Can my child go home during the week for special occasions, like Granny’s 70th birthday party?

    Yes, we encourage children to be included with events happening at home. You can make arrangements to collect your child after school, and return them to school by 9am the next morning.

  • How do I get to Wells Park School?

    Wells Park School is located just off the Grange Hill station on the Central Line from Liverpool Street Station. If you are planning to visit the school please call ahead and we can arrange someone to come collect you from the station at Grange Hill when you arrive.

    There is also a bus from Romford that stops at Hainault Station, and arrangements can be made to collect you if you contact the school ahead of time.

  • How do I know my child is doing well at school?

    We have regular contact with parents to ensure you are kept up to date with your child's progress. Jenny Walling, our Family Officer, is always at hand to answer your queries and will pass your questions on to the class teacher or keyworker if required.

    We hold termly parents' evenings where you will have the opportunity to meet your child's teacher and education support staff to discuss your child's learning and progress. You will also have the opportunity to look at your child's work, both in books and on display across the school. Where possible, your child's keyworker will also be available for you to talk to.

    Annual reports to parents provide a written account of how well your child is getting on in school. Teachers and keyworkers provide reports which form a part of the Annual Review process, where you will have the opportunity to review your child's process over the past year and hear your child's targets for the coming 12 months.

    If at any time you would like additional information about your child's progress, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can book a meeting or telephone call with your child's teacher or keyworker at any time. 


  • How can I contact my child during the week?

    There are opportunities for you and other family members to contact your child during the evenings. Each house has a telephone for pupils to use, and we also have a Skype/Facetime facility, which many children and parents use regularly. 

    Some parents and carers like to send their children letters or postcards. Please send them addressed to your child at the main school address - a member of staff will pass them onto your child.

  • What do you do about helping my child to read?

    At Wells Park, we have ERIC (Everyone Reading In Class) time each day, to give pupils the opportunity to read a variety of books. Every classroom has its own supply of books and we also have a range of books available in our IZone area. 

    The adults in class regularly listen to every child read on an individual basis so that we can develop the specific skills your child needs in order to progress. We have a well stocked supply of books which are levelled using the National Bookband system, and your child will be placed on the correct level book for their current level of achievement. We regularly perform 'running records' to check that your child is on the correct reading level and to ensure that we are challenging them correctly to support their progress. 

    Children have the opportunity to read to their keyworker during the Friday morning curriculum programme, further details of which are available elsewhere on this website. They also bring a book home each weekend; we would encourage you to hear your child read over the weekend - the more they can practice, the more they will progress!

    Children who are still developing their knowledge of sounds partake in daily phonics sessions in class, as well as undertaking a specific Sounds Linkage programme three times a week for their ILPs (Individual Learning Plans). Any pupils who the school identifies as needing an extra boost with their reading are also placed onto one of our 1:1 reading interventions.

  • How can I help my child at home?

    It is always great to be able to support the work the school is doing by helping your child to do their home learning, and by hearing them read regularly when they are at home. 

    As a part of your admissions process, we will talk with you about the best way you can help your child at home with their behaviour. As family circumstances are different for different pupils, it is difficult to give a univeral answer about what will help your child best - if you would like some specific advice, please contact the school and we will discuss this with you personally.

  • Can I request paper copies of key documents and policies?

    Absolutely, should you require printed versions of available website information please contact our school office and we'll do everything we can to help you. 

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