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Notable News

This term Yellow Class have enjoyed learning about plants and battles. They have enjoyed planting cress and sunflower seeds and watching them grow.

They have enjoyed weekly swimming lessons and are becoming a lot more confident in the water.

All the boys have made good progress across all subjects. In particular, Owen R.C has earned good learning this term for his acrostic poem about battles, both he and Owen B have also earned good learning for their 3D pictures of the Eiffel Tower which they made out of wood. In addition, Alfie and Beau have earned good learning for their work on persuasive posters.

Yellow class has also welcomed a new boy, Mekel, to our class. He has settled in well and is a great addition both in our class and in the school.


This term Yellow Class have been learning about battles and geographical features. The boys really enjoyed learning about how trenches during WW1 have changed the landscape and are still visible to this day. In addition we have used maps and atlases to locate the various countries where battles have taken place. We observed which biome these countries were in and then used this information to see what types of camouflage would be most useful in battle.



In science Yellow Class have been learning about plants. They planted cress and sunflower seeds and made sure they gave them the best conditions to grow. They took part in a science experiment to watch how water is transported within a plant by dying water with food colouring, however, our experiments didn’t work! We have done some research and have decided that if we do the experiment again we will try some different dye.


The boys were really keen to listen to stories about battles this term, particularly WW1 and WW2.

They have all been keen to progress to the next reading level, some of the boys already have and I expect that others will do so by the start of next term.


At the start of the term the boys discovered a huge egg on the Playdale. The boys had many ideas as to what might be in the egg and set about drawing what they thought might be inside. They used this strange occurrence as a stimulus for some creative writing and wrote some fantastic, descriptive pieces of work.

Furthermore, towards the end of the term we looked at persuasive writing. The boys all had a go at designing their own toy which they then presented to the class in a ‘Dragons Den’ style. They tried hard to be as persuasive as possible to convince the class why we should buy their toy. After this they used ICT to create their own posters using the features of persuasive texts.


Yellow class have really enjoyed maths this term. They are growing in confidence when approaching new concepts and are eager to challenge themselves. In particular they should be proud of their achievements in being able to partition numbers in order to add and subtract. Well done boys!


Yellow class continues to learn new sounds each week in phonics lessons. The boys are all trying to apply this knowledge into their writing each day. In addition we are also looking at spelling common exception words.

Woody Wells

Yellow class absolutely love going to Woody Wells, not only do they enjoy solving practical problems such as how to build a den, but they are also learning invaluable social skills by working as a team. They have observed the changes that Spring has brought and can look forward to next term as the weather becomes even better for outdoor learning.

Upcoming events

After the Easter holidays the boys will be learning about a new science topic and a new geography topic. In science we will be learning about ‘Forces’ and in geography we will be learning about ‘Extreme Weather’.

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