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Notable News

This term the boys have enjoyed learning about plants and battles. It was announced that Mylo, Matthew and Jayden are all going to be published in a book called ‘Crazy Creatures’ after their stories were picked from thousands of entrants to be published the book. Red Class have all been enjoying weekly swimming lessons and have been progressing well towards their personal targets. The ‘Pen Licence’ has been introduced to Wells Park for boys who are working hard on their handwriting. Children can earn a ‘Pen Licence’ by showing excellent, neat handwriting or showing a huge effort to improve their handwriting. In Red Class, Mylo, Jayden and Piotr have all earned the Pen Licence so far! Finally, a big congratulations to Danny-Lee who learned to ride a bike and swim without arm bands this term!

Mylo class newsletter


This term Red Class have been learning about battles and geographical features. The boys really enjoyed learning about tactics of war and how geography could affect the outcome of a war. The children used attack and defence tactics in the gym to rein act a medieval war, using forests, hills and caves to help them succeed in battle! Riley and Carter were especially skilled in explaining why they would use specific features to attack or defend their soldiers. The boys also learned how maps and compass directions would have been used to navigate troops in different battles. The boys looked at a range of battles from medieval, WW1, WW2 and Celts against Romans. Red Class have also been learning about plants in science. They have spent lots of time in the forest, learning about the changes of spring and watching plants grow. They also planted various different plants in class and also dissected a lily during science. They took part in a science experiment to watch how water is transported within a plant by dying water with food colouring. Finally, Red Class learned about the life cycle of a flower. Ben took great care of all the plants in the class and seemed to show a talent for gardening.

red class science


The boys have been working hard in class reading times. They are all trying their best to progress to the next reading level. They have also been using a new resource every Wednesday called ‘The Literacy Box’. The boys get to read a range of exciting short stories then answer questions about them which is really helping with their comprehension.


At the start of the term the boys discovered a gargantuan egg on the Playdale. A lot of the boys thought that it might be a dragon or a mythical beast so we started off the term by describing and drawing our own dragons! Later on in the week, Red Class began planning a myth or legend involving a dragon. The stories that the boys wrote were amazing, including lots of WOW adjectives, exciting description and interesting endings. At the end of the term the boys were able to create their own Information texts about their favourite subjects, including Pokemon, Minecraft and themselves!


This term began with a bang! A huge egg appeared on our playground after mysteriously strong winds the night before. This led the boys to begin debating as to what was inside the egg. Whilst learning about data collection, the boys surveyed the school to ask the other children what they thought might be inside the egg. They then represented these finding in tally charts, pictographs and bar graphs. Over the rest of the term the boys have been working hard to understand fractions, and also mental methods and written methods for addition and subtraction. They seemed to thoroughly enjoy orienteering around the playground whilst using their mental subtraction methods. Also, a man name Jackson visited the school to get classes to help him solve a crime using maths and logical thinking. It was a fun morning where the boys also used their acting skills to play roles in the story.


The children have been working hard on their spellings this term. They have been progressing through their phonics phases and building on phonetical awareness. Lots of words have been added to the WOW word wall in class like; subsequently, gargantuan, indestructible and glistening.

Woody Wells

Woody Wells seems to be the highlight of Red Classes week. The boys use a range of skills out in the forest to work together and solve problems. This term they have been building forts whilst thinking about their defence capabilities. Learning about forest safety, the changes of spring and also the job skills to become a tree surgeon.

Upcoming events

After the Easter holidays the boys will be learning about a new science topic and a new geography topic. In science we will be learning about ‘Forces’ and in geography we will be learning about ‘Extreme Weather’.

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