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Notable News

We welcomed the three little pigs: Rex, Bonnie and Mr Pork Chops for their time with us. The class were given the duty of creating and maintaining the pen to ensure our pigs were healthy, happy and stimulated. We are now developing further opporunites to explore outdoor learning at Wells Park, so watch this space!


The class identified problems in the world and then thought about inventions that might solve them. Some children designed products that would help with the care of all pigs as part of the ‘Inventors’ topic. We looked at the biology of the pigs with their skeleton and muscle systems similar to the human body.

We also followed that topic by the locations, processes and effects of Volcanoes and Earthquakes, writing our own disaster stories and the emotions we might feel. We recreated eruptions and quakes in our Woody Wells sessions and were challenged to create buildings that had structures that would help them withstand the forces.

On our ‘Mummification Station’ the group were challenged to work out the order that the process were in using props and dolls. We then also added our own mazes made from wood to confuse any tomb raiders that might try to enter the pyramid and steal the precious belongings of the pharaoh. 


We have really enjoyed the ‘Savage’ book by David Almond as well as ‘The Haunted Playground’ by Shaun Tan. We have also enjoyed ‘The Viewer’ by Shaun Tan and ‘The Sad Book’ by Michael Rosen, talking around the books and giving our interpretations of the stories and relating them to our own experiences. 


Recently we have been interpreting and reading the books of Shaun Tan and Gary Crew as significant Authors, we really enjoyed using our imagination to try and interpret the pictures and continue the stories. 


We have moved forward with our understanding of decimals and fractions as well as Roman Numerals. Going forward, we will be looking at measuring time and money; co-ordinates and angles in Geometry; and line graphs in Statistics. 


The spellings for the Pathways are targeted to the needs of the individuals in the group including phonic CVC words, high frequency words and word families. 

Woody Wells

In Woody Wells we have not only been applying the learning from our class to real life situations, but also developed an area for the fairies following the research we did about the mysterious things going on in the woods. We have begun planting and planning a school garden to grow vegetables for our school meals and cooking lessons. 

Upcoming Events

Every term we enjoy the French language through experiences of the culture. On the next RE days we are learning about Humanism, Christianity and Islam.

We always look forward to the ‘Crucial Crew’ visit for year 5 and 6 in June. 

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