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Notable News

Orange class has had a busy, fun and energetic spring term which will lead into an even busier and more fun summer term.  There is always a lot happening in Orange class especially as some of us in year 6 are beginning to think about transitioning to our next schools. 

Our school council representatives, Josh C. and Chase T., who were elected to the position after successful campaigns, have represented our ideas well.  Currently the school council are working on a proposal to rebuild the playground with new equipment that the whole school will be able to enjoy.  They have some great ideas so far!

RE day and Music Day were a huge success.  We learnt about Humanism and thought about how we as individuals can make the world a better and happier place by asking questions of ourselves and the world around us.  Music day was a blast as we began to think about how to represents sounds and notes by writing and composing our own music.  We composed our own pieces of music using an App on the Ipads and shared the final pieces with the rest of our class.  In the Summer Term for RE, we will be looking at Christianity and Islam and the next Music Day we will look at different composers, specifically looking into the works of John Williams because we love his music from Star Wars and Jurassic Park!

In the Spring Term ‘Lessons in Loaf’ visited our school and showed us the process of how bread is made.  We even got to make our own bread to take home and enjoy by the end of the day.  It was a tasty success!

The Year 6’s are learning skills to help us with our upcoming transitions from Wells Park.  Some of us will enjoy more activities off site in the next term for Year 6 privileges.   We’ve worked really hard here at Wells Park and will end our time well by having loads of fun learning experiences, both in and out of the classroom. 

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This term we have been learning about Forces in science and Extreme Weather in geography. 

We love science as we get to do lots of hands on experiments to test how different forces act on objects.  Our favourite lesson so far has been about air resistance.  Gemma M. took us into the gym and we got out a massive parachute and we saw how air resistance affected the parachute in different ways.  We played some great games while learning, like cat and mouse and spin-out.

Extreme weather can be scary to think about, but really cool at the same time.  Some of our favourite types of extreme weather we’ve looked at so far have been tornadoes, hurricanes and blizzards.  We’ve done our own research using our IT skills and created non-chronological reports about our chosen weather type.  Some of us created power points with the information we gathered, while others of us created posters on Publisher with ways to stay safe if you ever find yourself in one of the extreme weather conditions. 





forces orange class


We are all working on moving up to our next band in reading and expected to do quite well this next term in our assessments. 

During our English unit last term we studied and read a lot of poetry.  We read a poem about sunflowers by William Blake and really enjoyed it.  We were inspired to write our own poems about sunflowers and created our very own class book of Sunflower Poetry.  We enjoy reading our own and other poems during our class reading time.  

As a class we’ve been reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  Gemma M. often reads a chapter or so to us during fruit and drink or at the end of the day.  We’ve really enjoyed this book and have lots of giggles while listening to it.  We highly recommend it to you!


We have worked really hard to produce a class book of poetry about sunflowers! Around our school we have been working on making the gardens and forest look beautiful.  We’ve been learning how to plant flowers and vegetables for a sustainable future.  These gardening projects inspired our writing and we’ve learnt how to make our writing more appealing for the reader by adding similes, metaphors and personification to our poetry this term.  Come by any time to have a read through our Sunflower Poetry book.  We are really proud of it!

In the summer term we will be looking at instruction writing.  We are going to do lots of cooking with Gemma M. and Gemma B.  If you are lucky you may catch us on the right day and be able to taste some of our yummy recipes!


Areas of focus, what the boys have been learning out his half term and what to expect next half term

As a class, we love maths! This is one of our favourite subjects in our school day.  We have learnt about fractions this term with a focus on adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators.  We have also learned about how to turn an improper fraction into a mixed number fraction using diagrams to help us.  This skill can be challenging, as we’ve had to remember our multiplication tables and practice our division to do this. 

We are also looking at geometry this term- focusing on symmetry, 2D and 3D shapes.  We will explore nets of 3D shapes and even begin to measure angles in shapes.  There have been lots of challenging thinking going on this term! We want to be ready for our next schools.


Spelling lists for their class, new words encountered and word for next half term

Spelling is an area we focus on a lot in our class and for our home learning.

We are currently learning our common exception words and some of us are now onto the next list which is even harder!

Woody Wells

Charlie D. has been a great Woody Wells Champion in our class.  He has grown in his role by leading different activities and games alongside Gemma. 

We love our time in Woody Wells each week.  Gemma M. is fantastic at leading us in different activities and adventures which both tie into our topic learning and helps us to build friendships with each other.

We have a whole book (that Gemma made for us) of photos which will show you just how much we enjoy and learn down in Woody Wells!

Upcoming events

Orange class is going to start a weekly trip to Lambourne End so we can work on our team building skills.  This will help with our transitions to our next school, especially around making new friends and working well with others. 

We have an RE day around Islam coming up in the summer term as well as a special Music Day where we will learn about great composers. 

French Day is always something we look forward to once a term.  We love the opportunity to learn more about French culture and language. 

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