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Notable News

This term Blue Class opened their very own pizzeria style take-away restaurant. Linked to our English theme of ‘Persuasive Writing,’ the boys learned about television advertising and marketing. Everyone created their own pizza brand by designing a company logo, writing a slogan and decorating their own pizza delivery boxes. Blue Class then made their own dough (using a secret recipe!) and followed their own design briefs to make some wonderful pizzas. Favourite toppings included: pepperoni, sweetcorn, bbq chicken and chillies. Dylan even created his own chilli dough! The boys then delivered the pizzas to their own homes the following day. Blue Class would like to send a message to Dominoes and Pizza Hut, watch out we’re coming!

Topic work

This term the children have been learning about ‘Maps.’ Boys have learned how to recognise landmarks and routes on a map. They have considered directions and how movements can be recorded. Boys have created their own area maps and included different points of interest. They have also used world maps and atlases to name counties, and globes to locate continents and oceans. The boys chose Italy as their focus country (cross-curricular link with English) and created their own Giuseppe Arcimboldi style self-portraits using pictures of fruit and vegetables. The boys were very impressed with their results and self-assessed their own portraits as excellent, I would agree!

Blue class display


This half term the boys have continued to be gripped by Ian Ogilvy’s ‘Measle’ books and voted to continue reading the second book in the trilogy ‘Measle and the Dragodon.’ In this story Measle is up against not one Wrathmonk, but a whole gang of them. Measle and his dog, Tinker, also have to outwit numerous fairground creatures which come alive in a most alarming way, plus the evil Dragodon and his dragon, Arcturion. Will Measle be in time to save his mum from the Dragodon's evil clutches? Can he triumph once again? Blue class are desperate to find out! Other ERIC time book recommendations this term have included Harry’s ‘Learn to draw,’ Jake’s ‘Building Lego’ and Ethan’s ‘Trains,’ their recommendation posters looked great!


This term’s writing focus has been ‘Persuasive Writing.’ Boys have examined different types of persuasive text and highlighted persuasive words and phrases.  They have also evaluated television advertising campaigns and learned how ‘what you see’ is not always ‘what you get.’ Children were interested to discover the ‘tricks of the trade’ used by food manufacturers to make their products appear so attractive on screen. Boys were then keen to consider how their could market their own  pizza brands by creating their own slogans and logos. Riley’s ‘Pepperoni  Master –The Cheesiest,’ Jake’s ‘Wells Park Pizzeria-I’m Loving This Pizza Right Now!’  and Marcus’ ‘Just Eat The Pizza!’ were particular class favourites. Next term the boys will be moving onto ‘Fantasy Writing’ and have chosen to read ‘The Tin Forest’ to inspire their creative thinking.


This term the boys have been adding and subtracting 10 to 2 digit numbers. They have also been learning about weights and capacity. The boys compared weights using direct comparisons and then measured weights using non-standard units.  They all enjoyed measuring the capacity of different containers in our outdoor area and found some surprising results. Boys also collected data about children’s favourite colours and presented their findings using block graphs. Next term they will be learning about fractions and using money to solve problems.


Our spelling focus this term has been high frequency words. We have also introduced a number of initial blends including ‘cr’ ‘pl’ and ‘fr’ which the boys have learned well. We are now moving on to ‘using our spelling knowledge in our writing’ and will have a dictation focus to ensure that all of our new skills are being put to good use.

Woody Wells

This term the boys have been working on their team work skills and have been working on whole class collaborative projects. The boys have worked together to create their own woodland camp area, they have delegated tasks and have created a class base camp, with access to water, a clear path entrance and look out towers. Great fun was had by all! Next term they will be monitoring plant growth, identifying wild flowers and naming trees (Science cross-curricular link).

Upcoming events

 Next term, Blue Class will be learning about ‘Kings and Queens’ and have chosen to organise a Tudor banquet. I have insisted that we will not be eating swan or peacock, but have also assured boys that the banqueting table will be as authentic as possible. Again, the class are already excited and are suggesting some very exotic ideas for the menu!

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