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What is the Covid Catch-Up Premium?

The government is providing funding to cover a one-off universal catch-up premium for the 2020 to 2021 academic year. 

It aims to support pupils to catch up for lost learning so schools can meet the curriculum expectations for the next academic year. 

How we will use this grant

  • Additional support staff within school who will work directly with pupils to support their reintegration into the classroom. This additional support is aimed in particular at pupils who may require supplementary adult time to settle into the school environment and who may need further support with social, emotional and mental health needs following an extended absence from school. 
  • The provision of 1:1 tuition from the National Tuition Programme (NTP). Pupils who are able to access and engage with additional learning will be given 15 hours of additional 1:1 tutoring in either English or Maths from an approved NTP tutor, designed to aid pupils in recovering missed learning brought on by extended absences from school. 

How we will monitor the impact

  • Monitoring of classroom behaviours and engagement in learning through the school’s monitoring systems, including analysis of Token Scores and of Restrictive Physical Interventions alongside feedback from adults working with pupils and from the pupils themselves. 
  • Analysis of progress data, which will look for accelerated progress in the core subject being taught during NTP tuition sessions. 
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