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Science at Wells Park School is delivered both discretely and through cross-curricular teaching in line with our Cornerstones curriculum. Topics covered follow the National Curriculum, aimed at developing both subject knowledge and enquiry skills.

Teachers and pupils collaborated to develop five core principles of Science learning that should be present in each area of study. Together we decided that Science at Wells Park should…

·Be led by using our hands and minds to make discoveries.

·Inspire us to follow our curiosity to new discoveries.

·Be relevant to our experiences and our future.

·Give us opportunities to experience unforgettable things.

·Be recognised as affecting every part of our lives.

These combine to form our overall vision for Science:

All children will explore the world around them, hands first. They will find joy in exploring and experimenting across a range of scientific disciplines. They will be guided by big, exploratory questions that open up the world around them, following their instinct and curiosity to discover modern scientific explanations. They will apply skills from Maths and English to record and discuss their research clearly and accurately. Science will help them to become independent, critical thinkers with the confidence to say that they know how and why things are so. 

Across every half-termly topic we study pupils will explore science through one of the six enquiry types: Comparative/Fair Testing, Research, Observation Over Time, Pattern-Seeking, Identify, Grouping and Classifying and Problem Solving. This approach is designed to marry together the desires of the pupils for a practical, fun and engaging experience of science with the intellectual demands and almost limitless potential of exploration and discovery in science.

Documents can be found below detailing when areas of science are covered by the topics each class studies.

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