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Woody Wells

The school enhances the curriculum through use of the amazing outdoor environment. Each class applies what they have learnt in class to deepen and extend their understanding. Below are photos showing some of the things that we have been up to and some of the comments from our pupils are:

BC – I liked cooking bread over the fire like the Roman’s did and finding car parts in the wood
LH – I loved tying Alfie up onto a thin tree when we were role playing!
JS – I think it was nice exploring the woods with all of my friends
HT – We found strange eggs!
SB – I liked cracking a log open with Hayden and getting wet underneath the shower Alfie made!
CD – It was fun collecting clay from the ditch
AB – I like cutting using the loppers to create a path and de

Woody Wells Pigs

We have some piglets who have come to stay in our Woody Wells woods. Since September, the three piglets have made their home in the woods, and seem to be very happy indeed! We voted for the names of our pigs democratically, and the winning votes were: Bonnie, Mr Pok Chop and Rex! Since they have arrived the boys have enjoyed taking it in turns to go into the woods to feed the pigs and see how they are getting on.

Blue Class Get Creative

Blue class have their own outdoor area, and can often be found learning outside, conducting experiments, constructing models and always having fun!

Green Class

The children enjoy getting muddy and using a variety of tools safely when they are in the woods.

Orange Class

Orange Class enjoying outdoor learnng.


Red Class

Yellow Class

Outdoor Fun

Mud Pies

Outdoor Survival

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