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Rainbows is national charity which offers high quality training in bereavement and loss, and supports schools in reviewing or developing their own bereavement policy and procedures. 

Wells Park children who live as part of a single parent family, a step-family, have experienced the death of a loved family member, friend or sibling, or who are struggling through a painful experience are invited to join our Rainbows programme. The age related peer support programme, helps to foster emotional healing among children.

Wells Park has trained some very sensitive and caring members of staff who are skilled at helping children put their feelings into words. The adult facilitators guide the children as they begin to share their experiences, work through their grief, build a stronger sense of self-esteem, and begin to accept what has taken place in the family.

The 13 week, age appropriate and structured programme explores the following themes:

Week 1    One of a kind – self esteem

Week 2    Inside out – feelings

Week 3    Why my family?

Week 4    Making the pieces fit – coping skills

Week 5    Anger and hurt – coping skills

Week 6    Facing fears and worries – coping skills

Week 7    Families are all different

Week 8    Belonging to my family

Week 9    Different kinds of family

Week 10   Endings and beginnings – change

Week 11   Weathering the storm – adapting, adjusting

Week 12   Living with change

Week 13  Celebrate me session – a celebration and conclusion of the programme; going forward.

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