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Life Skills Curriculum

Practical Life Skills Curriculum

Our curriculum aims to have a pupil centred approach in which every pupil is encouraged to enjoy learning, make progress and achieve. We recognise that pupils at Wells Park School have specific, diverse and individual needs and our curriculum aims to reflect and meet those needs.

Life Skills are a key part of the curriculum for all Wells Park pupils. Careful and individualised curriculum planning gives all pupils the opportunity to experience and learn to prepare for real life situations. Practical life skills are an essential part of learning to be independent, feeling confident in the community and help to develop self-esteem. Skills taught within the safe school environment, and most importantly on trips out of the school, teach our children how to achieve tasks that others normally consider as easy.

How are Life Skills taught at Wells Park?

Whilst the development of life skills is embedded into the daily education and care for all pupils, we may dedicate time within the weekly timetable to concentrate on these vital skills for specific pupils. The child’s needs are carefully assessed and targeted, and next steps are prioritised. 

Key areas may include:

Emotional Literacy Skills

Individual lessons which develop a child’s ability to understand and express his own feelings. This includes learning to recognise feelings and considering how to manage them, such as the ability to stay calm when angered or to reassure oneself when in doubt.

 Road Safety and Transport 

This includes crossing the road, using public transport, riding a bike.

Home Skills

This includes shopping, cooking, bed making etc.     

Environmental Awareness

Such as gardening, recycling, composting, seasonal crafts and developing a pride in our surroundings.


This includes swimming or sports. 


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