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Friday Curriculum

At Wells Park, our curriculum aims to have a 24 hour pupil centred approach in which every pupil is encouraged to enjoy learning, make progress and achieve. Our data proves that children are making excellent overall progress with their behavioural skills. However, we have noticed that children appear to be making slower progress with their ‘Interacting and Working with Others’ area of development. To target this, we have decided to transfer our learning environment from the classroom, to the residential house setting on Friday mornings.

Through a Social Skills Programme and individual targets for all children we aim to improve this particular skill area. Staff will model positive social interactions and promote a positive attitude to learning away from the classroom. We aim to encourage children to transfer their improved learning behaviours learned in class, to the ‘home’ setting. On Fridays, learning takes place on each of the residential houses as children are supported by both the care and teaching team. We believe that children are intrinsically motivated and eager to learn when their interests are encouraged and supported in school and at home.

Wells Park recognises that pupils have specific, diverse and individual needs and our Friday curriculum aims to reflect and meet those needs. Each residential house aims to spark the interest of its children and tailors its learning programme according to need. All children are supported with homework and staff are able to deliver individual intervention programmes which support reading, writing and maths skills. We are also able to deliver the support recommendations suggested by other visiting professionals, such as speech and language and occupational therapists.

Rowan House

Rowan endeavours to promote further independent study. The current topics studied in school are discussed and children are asked what they would like to learn more about. Children are actively encouraged to follow their own interests and are supported with fiction and non-fiction texts, dvds, quizzes, computer research and peer-to-peer discussions. Previous popular topics have included: countries around the world, history chronicles, the solar system and the natural world.

Hornbeam House

Hornbeam has as its current focus ‘healthy eating.’ Children are working together to create a Wells Park recipe book which will be located in the library for everyone to enjoy. Children are researching recipes and working with our school kitchen to learn how to budget, shop and prepare healthy meals that are tasty and nutritious. We have also recently learned that we are going to be keeping pigs throughout the autumn term! As a result, children will have a fantastic opportunity to learn about animal husbandry.

Mulberry House

Mulberry has as its current focus ‘building and construction.’ Children on this house are specifically interested in design and are our budding architects of the future! They have decided to re-design the whole playground and are currently researching innovative ways of using space. Children will be measuring, drawing, researching materials and considering budgets. Mulberry will be working closely with the school council to promote their ideas to the senior leadership team.

Chestnut House

Chestnut has as its current focus ‘caring and sharing with others.’ Children are learning how to build friendships and to play together in a happy and safe way.  The aim is to develop children’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Chestnut children will be junk modelling, gardening, cooking, role-playing and playing games together. Staff will be supporting peer-to-peer interactions by actively modelling social and language skills.

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