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Curriculum Enrichment


School trips are regular events. Visits are always well planned to support the learning and for rewards at the end of the school year.  In recent years, among other educational visits, children have visited the Houses of Parliament to encourage thinking about making connections between Parliament and their local area, major London museums, local parks and shops. Pupils have also visited local restaurants, major theme parks and zoos, swimming pools and Hainault Forest, as part of the residential time in the school.


We enjoy inviting a range of visitors to our school. These may be people working in our local community such as firemen, or professional musicians and singers. Children also enjoy history themed days, animal handling experiences and drama/music workshops to support learning. 


We aim to ensure pupils have access to supportive actvities to promote their self-esteem and that they have opportunities to talk through and reflect on different situations. Our Rainbows work is just one way in which we are able to do this.

Woody Wells

Wells Park offers an outdoor approach to learning through its ‘Woody Wells’ programme. The philosophy encourages and inspires pupils through positive outdoor experiences. Children engage in motivating and achievable tasks in a woodland environment. Learning outdoors helps children to place their learning in context and is a motivating way for children to enhance learning opportunities. It is also a way for pupils to work on their social and independent sklls.

Woody Wells Pigs

July 23rd began like any other on a farm in Suffolk, the animals woke up, Giles (the farmer) brought them food and checked they were happy and the animals prepared for a nice day in the sun. The day was slightly different to any other for Sunshine the pig as she woke up after a long sleep but was still tired. The reason she was tired was because she was pregnant with 10 little piglets. She couldn’t wait to see them and luckily she met her babies later that day, all happy and they began to suckle (milk from her). 

7 weeks later and three of the boy (boar) piglets were old enough to leave Mum and were brought by Giles for their first day at Wells Park School. The children were excited but kind to let the piglets settle in their new home. The pigs soon jumped up on to their trotters to explore their pen and find the acorns and apples that the children had collected for treats.

The school will be taking good care of the three boars them until Christmas. 

Each class offered names and then chose the most popular in a democratic vote. The chosen names for the three boys are: Bonnie, Mr Pork Chops and Rex.

Den Building

Street Dance


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