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Curriculum Overview

At Wells Park School, we aim to engage children in learning through a broad and balanced curriculum which develops their own knowledge, understanding and confidence by providing pupils with appropriate challenges and through building on personal successes. In order to achieve this, we use a varied curriculum, linking skills and knowledge to topics where appropriate.

To ensure that each child experiences a full and varied curriculum, the key stage 2 classes rotate on a 3 year cycle, seen in the Key Stage 2 Curriculum Grid below. From this, each class adjusts the learning to suit the learning needs of their group.

The KS1 (Blue) class follow a 2 year rolling curriculum to build skills and address any gaps in key stage 1 learning. The grid can be found below

Information about learning in science can also be found in the Key Stage 1 Science Grid (below)

Please also click the link below to view our performance table

Curriculum Overview Docs


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