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Pupils from Wells Park classes aim towards joining the Pathways class by managing their behaviour with their best effort. The members come from any other class in school. This year, the ages range from Year 4 to Year 6, with most members from Year 6. The class helps us to learn the skills to go to our next school. Adults that help us do this are Mr Richardson and Kayley. They help us sort out problems, choose behaviours and prepare challenging yet fun learning. 
Part of the transition is to begin going home in the evenings. We need to be able to manage our behaviour in school and at home without bum bags and tokens. To help us with this, we have a ‘Put a Stamp on it’ book and spend the stamps by choosing special activities at the end of the day. 
We try different things and timetables to practise alternative routines that might be in our next school. We try to do things with more independence and take a greater responsibility for ourselves. 
This year we will celebrate everyone’s birthday with games chosen by them. We are also looking forward to exciting challenges, Woody Wells and school trips.

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