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Orange Class

Hello! We are in Orange class this year!! Some of us have moved into Year 6, so it’s our last year at Wells Park and some of us have moved into Year 5 so we are going to make the most of this year!!

Our teacher is Mrs Pavelin and our HLTA is Gemma, they have already told us how pleased they are that we are in their class! We have talked about how we want our year to be and we are looking forward to sharing lots of learning and social times.

Some of the things we are most looking forward to doing are; more learning outside where we can grow our own vegetables, our Language and music days and spending time in our office…something we can earn towards in our class and enjoy working independently in our ‘office space!’

This year is exciting and we have already had fun together, sharing ideas, getting to know our adults and friends and now begin our learning about Inventors and Animals!

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