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Recent Professional Comments about Wells Park School

Recent Parental Comments about Wells Park School


Wells Park has anchored [my son]. He can actually learn and has proven he is a clever little bean. They have given him confidence and goals and he could actually achieve GCSEs thanks to Wells Park.

The school treat each child as an individual and get to know their wishes and ways. This gives them the opportunity to ... [build] the child’s confidence and self-esteem. The staff really do care – all the staff do, from the teachers to canteen staff.

The school have exceeded our expectations on giving on-going guidance and support. They have listened, supported and guided [our son] and us, resulting in us all benefitting...

The improvements he has made in the last years are massive.

Before attending WPS, [our son] was a square peg in a round hole and was often dealt with as a naughty child despite having a statement. WPS have enabled him to learn, make friends and become more rounded.

Family life was very negative [before he attended Wells Park]. Now, we all have meals together – we are all happier.

My son has made fantastic progress and has really grown as a person in the short time he has been here.

He is a different child – he has come on leaps and bounds in all aspects... He’s more aware of what is expected – he’ll be alright in the outside world now.

WPS are always happy to help us with any problems we may have and are always punctual at dealing with things.

Taken from the November 2015 Parental Questionnaire

Recent Pupil Comments about Wells Park School


I listen to my parents more [since I have been at Wells Park].

This school helps you go to mainstream.

It’s got fun staff and education that I like.

I feel that the adults/children at this school really help me.

The adults here really helped me get through my problems.

I don’t swear anymore. I feel better than I did before.

I’m happier at home now.

I get angrier less easily.

I can talk to the teacher when I am upset.

I have learnt to take space. I have learnt not to hit out at others as it’s not what you do to get what you want.

I’ve got better at everything!

From the May 2016 Pupil Questionnaires

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