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If your child or a member of your household has a positive test result for Covid-19 between now and November 2nd, please let us know at the earliest opportunity by emailing admin@wellspark.essex.sch.uk or by leaving a voice message on 02085026442. School will re-start on Monday 2 November 2020 - normal start times


Reopening the school for all pupils both day and resident.

7th September 2020


Dear parents and carers,

In line with the latest government guidance, we have been carefully planning for the reopening of the school for all our pupils on Monday 7th September.

Our commitment is to create a safe and familiar environment whilst still offering your child the best possible care. As both a day and residential school, this presents some significant challenges but with the following measures in place, we feel confident we can once again welcome all of our pupils back after the summer break.   

Social Distancing

  • We will continue to support our pupils in their understanding of Covid19 and the reasons for social distancing; however, due to the needs and ages of our pupils it will not always be possible to practise social distancing within their class groups or on residential houses.
  • Class sizes will be adjusted to no more than 10 and seating will be laid out to support social distancing in classroom and work areas
  • Classes and houses will have areas allocated to them that only they will use
  • The use of toilets by children will be carefully managed across the school site as appropriate.
  • Children will remain with their own class/house group during the school day in order to maintain ‘bubbles’ wherever possible.
  • In case of an emergency such as fire socially distanced evacuation procedures will apply. Classes/houses will observe these rules when lining up at their designated meeting points and return to their class/house without mixing with other groups.
  • All meal times and breaks times have been carefully planned to so that class groups and their staff do not mix.

Good Sanitation and Hygiene.

  • Increased cleaning has been put into place with our cleaning contractors to include cleaning during the working day as well as after school hours.
  • All staff/visitors will be required to use hand sanitiser on entry to the building and on exiting the building.
  • Children and staff will be expected to use hand sanitiser when they enter and exit the school on all occasions.
  • Equipment in classrooms and on houses will be regularly cleaned and NOT be shared with other groups.
  • All outdoor play equipment will be cleaned and sanitised after each use
  • Children will not share personal equipment or school equipment in the classroom
  • Where required, and in line with guidance, PPE will be provided

Responding to possible cases of Coronavirus

Where there is a member of staff or pupil showing symptoms of Coronavirus, they will immediately be provided a prepared space in the school away from others where they will be cared for until they can return to their homes and complete a Coronavirus test. The results of these tests will then inform any protective measures required. These procedures will be reviewed alongside the latest guidance from Public Health England.

Curriculum Adjustment

  • The curriculum may have to be adjusted due to Covid19 safety measures e.g. non-contact P.E lessons and suspension of lessons that might otherwise increase the potential for transmission of Covid19.
  • Residentially, consideration will be given to activities with risk assessments being carefully monitored in line with guidance from DfE and Public Health England.

Remote Learning

In the event that your child should need to remain at home, access to learning will be provided at the earliest opportunity. This will include virtual lessons with members of our teaching staff as well as paper based work where this is a preference. The learning provided will be a continuation of the learning taking place in class.   

Access to the school

  • The school office and building will remain closed to all but essential visitors. If parents wish to contact the school this can be achieved via email info@wellspark.essex.sch.uk or via telephone between 9:30 and 4:00pm
  • If children need to be collected during the school day or need to be dropped off after the normal start of the day this can be arranged in advance with the school office
  • Any appointments with staff will be made via telephone and not face-to-face unless this cannot be avoided.

The Beginning of the School Day/Week 

We will continue to welcome our children into school at agreed entry points to further reduce the mixing of staff and groups.

The End of the School Day/Week 

  • Children will be called individually to their transport and supported by the adults from their house/class. Taxi providers will continue to adhere to the guidance provided by Public Health England applying their own risk management measures.

Your commitment


Under current arrangements, pupils and staff should not attend our school under any circumstances if the following applies:

This continues to be an evolving situation and one, which relies on the cooperation of us all.

To support the health of our community and wherever possible ensure our school can remain open, it is vitally important that we have your support and understanding around the measures we have put in place.

We will keep our planning under constant review and communicate any necessary adjustments to you if and when the need arises.

In the meantime should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact our school office on 02085026442 (term time only) or email us at info@wellspark.essex.sch.uk.

On behalf of all the staff at Wells Park, we wish you a restful and healthy summer break. We look forward to welcoming you all back in September.

Yours sincerely,

Matthew Surman and Carol Mitchell


Parent/carer declaration


  • I confirm that my child is not suffering from any COVID 19 symptoms and has not been for 7 days prior to their return to school.
    • COVID 19 symptoms are defined as having a high temperature, a new continuous cough and a loss sense of taste and / or smell (please refer to government and Public Health England guidelines).
  • I confirm that my child and whoever they reside with have not knowingly had contact with anyone with COVID 19 symptoms within 14 days prior to their return to school.
  • I confirm that I am not aware of any health condition which could put my child at greater risk of COVID 19 infection.

Please contact the school office if your child or a member of your household has a health condition that classifies them as either high risk (clinically extremely vulnerable) or moderate risk (clinically vulnerable).

This information will be used to inform our Covid19 risk assessments.


  • I confirm that I will contact the school should there be a change in my child’s health or they have come into contact with anybody displaying COVID 19 symptoms before the term begins.
  • I confirm that I will be required to make arrangements for my child to be collected from school at the earliest opportunity should they become ill during the school day and that my child’s name and address will be shared with Public Health England .
  • I confirm that my child will not attend school they or anyone in my household be isolated as a result of illness or advised to by track and trace personnel.



Latest Corona Virus information for parents and children.

Where to find the latest information on Corona virus.

Department for Education Coronavirus Helpline

The Department for Education have launched a new helpline for parents, young people and staff who have questions or concerns:

Phone: 0800 046 8687
Email: DfE.coronavirushelpline@education.gov.uk
Opening hours: 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday)


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